Women's Custom Face Thong Panty - Lover


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Put any face that you want on your thong.

Material:100% Soft polyester fleece.Soft elastic waistband for a comfortable fit.
Custom-design.Our design team works hard to get a perfect cut out of your face from your uploaded photo.
How to Cleaning:
Machine-wash safe; our unique printing process results in vibrant colors that will never fade or peel!
Production time:
3-5 business days
ETA Date equals to speicified production time plus shipping time

2Available Size: XS,S,M,L,XL,XL,3XL
Note: There might be 5% deviation in length for manual measurement and production processes.


1.Will the picture turn out blurred ?
It actually depends on the picture you uploaded. Our skilled designers will ensure the printed picture as clear as seen on your phone.

2.Will the picture tarnish or fade away after constant washes ?
Never, we adopted exclusive technic and natural cloth dyes to make the thong, color won't tarnish or fade away after constant washes, no matter it's in cold water or hot water.